First few days for a new comer to Canada are extremely challenging because, you are not sure where to start. You can find lots of agencies who can help new comers with almost every aspect but the only problem is you need to visit them personally. Keeping in mind the challenges and hardship related to “accommodation and transportation” among others you will face during your initial days, we have designed a comprehensive Post Landing Service. We will not only make you aware about the places where you should go, but we will take you there. Read further how we can help you settle in your new home.

You will be picked from the airport and will be moved to an accommodation for a period of one week, which could be extended to months.

SIN is very important as you cannot start working without one,so we will help you get it incase you are not able
to obtain one at the airport once you land.

Mobile connection is a very basic but an important aspect. We will help you in finding with the best available network
after comparing different plans as per your need and usage.

Banking is very important as new comers are expected to bring both cash & jewelry with them. We will help you
understand the different services provided by different banks and once you decide which bank you would like to open
an account, we will take you to the nearest branch for opening your account and a safe deposit box if required.

New comers rely on public transport though it is not the best medium to commute. But, during your initial days
you need single mode of payment with which you can travel anywhere with ease. You will be guided about
how to get to places. We will provide you with a travel card, which can be used in almost every bus or metro
in Toronto and GTA.

Relax & get to know your new home.

As you are now settled in and would like to look for employment options. One of our experienced representatives
will sit with you for an in-depth session about your expectation from a new job and Dos/Don’t in finding a job in your new
home. We will also help you in registering with various government funded organizations,
which help new comers for the same.

We will help you prepare for your G1 Driving License, will accompany you for the test and once the test is passed
we will schedule your driving test for Class G2/G Driving License.

If your kid/s has come with you or will join you on a later date, you need to know what schools are best for your child.
Our counselor will help you explain the schooling system in Canada and will guide you with the registration process
of enrolling your child to the school. Location shall also be discussed in detail.

Time to give your family & yourself some rest.

We will sit with you and will understand the challenges you have faced in the pastsix days
and will help you overcome them. We will also discuss your future goals and expectation for a new job as well as
a permanent address for you and your family.

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