Graduates of Canadian academic programs of at least eight months in duration can move from a study permit to a Canada post-graduate work permit. The period of validity of the Canadian work permit will depend on the length of study in Canada.

  • Students who completed an academic program between eight months and two years in duration will receive a Canada post-graduate work permit for the same period of validity as their Canada study permit.
  • Foreign students who have studied on a valid Canada study permit for more than 2 years are entitled to a three-year Canada post-graduate work permit, regardless of the period of study.

After graduating from a program that meets the necessary requirements, you can apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which may be issued for a duration equivalent to the length of your program or up to a maximum of three years.

It is important to begin the application process as soon as possible after receipt of your graduation documents, because processing times can be lengthy at times.

To apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit, the applicant must have a valid study permit.  The application for this permit must be submitted within 90 days from the time the applicant recieved confirmation that they have completed their academic program.

The main advantage of this type of work permit is that it is an open work permit that does not require a job offer in order to meet the requirements. You are entitled to work for any employer without any additional verification. There are also many different Canadian permanent residency programs offered to individuals who have graduated from a Canadian academic program and who have work experience.  For more information on these programs, click here.

Foreign students and foreign workers are in most cases entitled to have their spouse accompany them. Their spouse will be entitled to an open work or study permit, allowing them to work for any Canadian employer or study at any Canadian educational institution. These types of work permits do not require a job offer – the spouse will qualify for it on the basis of the principal applicant’s study permit or Canada work permit.