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Migration through Economic Class is one of the most important aspects of Canadian Immigration. As the new immigrants will bring vast knowledge and expertise in their respective areas of work and shall fulfill the shortage in Canadian workforce. Economic immigration can be divided into two distinct processing streams one selects skilled workers and the other identifies business immigration.

  • As per (IRPS, s 3(1)(d)). Section 12(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) the key objective is “to see that families are reunited in Canada”. Therefore, family class migration is also considered as one of the pillars of immigration. This class includes a variety of relationships, which fall under the criteria of a family class.
  • Both Canadian citizen and a Permanent Resident have a right to sponsor a family member. A family member could be a spouse, common-law partner, siblings, dependent child, parents, grandparents, nephew/niece and any other family member. In order to get a positive result a sponsor thus has to fulfill a number of requirements and obligations. Also a length of undertaking  is also provided by the sponsor.
  • IRCC requires a sponsor to fulfill the following, eligibility criteria, submit and undertaking, accept a few obligation and not subject to any sponsorship bars.
  • A sponsor also has to meet a minimum Low Income Cut-Off (LICO)  in order to sponsor a family member.