Humanitarian and Compassion Reason as the name suggests is a type of a scenario where an applicant wishes to stay in Canada if he/she has reasonable grounds, which could be family or strong ties.


An applicant may proceed with filling an H&C case even from outside of Canada. One of the main reasons of the application is based on family ties here in Canada. A strong case is produced when an applicant has a child who is Canadian born and how well the whole family is settled.


An applicant can apply on H&C grounds even if the removal orders are issued against them. However, the removal order stays in effect. An applicant is allowed for a judicial review. Concurrent PRRA and H&C applications are also allowed as per the Canadian Laws.


There are some restrictions as well such as

  • An applicant has an unresolved refugee, H&C or permanent residency application.
  • If found inadmissible for security, human rights violations or organized criminality
  • Also if withdrawal/abandoned/negative decision from IRB in the past year unless withdrawal happened prior to the RPD hearing.