A person can obtain Canadian Citizenship in different ways such as.

  1. Canadian citizenship by birth

Canada considers someone its citizen when being born on Canadian land, airspace, waters and Canadian ships and aircrafts. Citizenship can be granted to a child whose parents were/are not permanent residents or citizen or are working in Canada illegally. Also, a child born abroad whose parents are Canadian citizen gets citizenship automatically. Whereas, citizenship is not granted to a child if parent are/were in Canada for a diplomatic job.

  1. Born outside of Canada to a parent who is a Canadian Citizen.

Citizenship is granted even if there is no connection Canada found. A child can renounce Canadian citizenship if doesn’t want it. Also, an adopted child from outside Canada is considered in the same way as other children born abroad to a Canadian parent.

  1. Become Naturalized in Canada

Immigrants who have been living in Canada for at least a specific period of time in the last 5 years take this route. Who have been filling income taxes for each of the 3 years period. Must be between 18-54 years old and must meet the language requirement. Pass the citizenship test and finally take the Oath of Citizenship

Citizenship Language Requirements

  • An aspirant must have at least CLB 4 for both listening and speaking. Reading and writing proof is not required.
  • Acceptable exams are IELTS-G, CELPIP-G, TEF

Documentation for applying for Canadian citizenship is very important. A file can be sent back if the forms are not complete and filled inaccurately.